The Mini family of hoists. With lifting capacities ranging from 80 - 200kg these versatile hoists are capable of lifting and stowing all but the very largest of scooters. Available in 2 way (up/down) and 4 way (up/down/in/out) with remote wired handset for user operation.  ****Please note;      1) THESE HOISTS DO NOT FOLD AWAY AND ARE ON SHOW      2)   UNLESS YOUR VEHICLE IS VERY LARGE, PART OR ALL OF YOUR REAR SEAT WILL HAVE TO BE FOLDED DOWN     3) THE VEHICLE BOOT OPENING MUST BE AT LEAST 32" -82cm HIGH 


Steel frame construction attached to the load area side wall. lift and load motors are high capacity electric actuators. control provided by wired handset with soft touch buttons, electric overload protection by self resetting circuit breakers.

80 kg - 200 kg Smart Lifter Hoists