Electronic secondary controls offer an excellent solution for the driver using hand controls with a steering aid and has difficulty operating lights, wipers, indicators etc. There are several manufacturers producing these systems, offering differing styles and functions but all achieve similar functionality. Modern secondary control systems are completely wireless and work with radio or infra red transmission between the handset on the steering wheel and decoder which is mounted in a convenient position under the dashboard. New Generation vehicles with CanBus electronics can also be catered for . Systems generally have  7,10,13 or 18 functions which are preset (wipers, indicators, horn, lights etc) but the functions can be tailored to an individuals needs  e.g. control of electric windows (tailored functions are not available on CanBus vehicles)

Multi function radio or infra red transmission handset received by control system decoder conventionally wired into the vehicle wiring loom. Handset mounted to a steering ball and steering wheel and come in various shapes and sizes to suit the individuals needs.


Electronic Secondary Control