Left foot accelerators provide a means of operating an automatic vehicle when the right leg is not usable. the three differing types are 'Twin Flip Up', Floor mounted and electronic. The Twin Flip Up offers a very simple method of transfer where the user pulls down the required pedal from the left or right side of the brake pedal and the redundant pedal automatically folds safely out of the drivers way. Floor Mounted Accelerators offer the same function but are clipped onto a floor mounted sole plate when required for use and are unclipped and stowed in the boot when not required. Electronic systems have 2 permanently mounted accelerator pedals either side of the brake pedal. The user selects which pedal they require by means of a dashboard mounted switch.



Twin Flip up and Floor Mounted accelerators are manufactured from steel plate and rod and are mounted on convenient points under the drivers dashboard area or bolted through the floor. They can be physically attached to and replace the original accelerator pedal by bolts or in the case of a floor mounted accelerator they can cover the original pedal  and linkages operate the pedal from behind this safety cover. The operation of the twin flip folding mechanism  is carried out by steel cables. Electronic systems use a duplicate of the original pedal mounted on the left of the drivers foot well usually in place of the original footrest. The system is directly integrated into the vehicle system and has no mechanical connection to the original pedal . only one of the pedals can be active at any time and in the case of failure the default setting is that only original pedal is left active. The electronic systems generally attract a much greater cost.

Left Foot Accelerator