Rotating seats come as Turnout, Turny and Turny Evo models. Turnout model seats rotate the seat out through the door opening and over the vehicle sill. The Turny model swivels the  seat out through the door opening and lowers it to a suitable position for transfer to or from a wheelchair. Turny Evo models are the latest and most versatile rotating seats available, The Evo model performs the same function as a turny seat but can be installed in a far greater variety of vehicles and positions including the drivers position on most vehicles. The Evo seat also has greater functionality with features like electric fore and aft seat adjustment built in.  Turnout and Turny models are available with manual or electric operation, the new evo model operates electrically only. All rotating seats are operated via a wired handset. Rotating seats are fitted to the original seat mountings and the original seat  can be re-installed if required when you come to change your vehicle.    Please note the following;  1) A wide door opening is required (low roof lines and large dashboards can cause issues for fitment and use)     2) An assistant will have to help the users legs over the sill     3) In a lot of instances the user will end up sitting higher / lower in the vehicle    4) The original car seat is replaced with a low profile transfer seat (the replacement comes trimmed in a grey finish in an attempt to match most car interiors)      5) Rotating seats always perform better in 3 door vehicles.     6)  When and if possible, a rotating seat is fitted to the drivers position, the steering wheel will have to be replaced with a removable wheel. The exception is the new Evo seat which in a lot of cases can be programmed to pass the steering wheel without modification.   7) Seat mounted airbags will be removed


All rotating seats are constructed with a motorised heavy duty steel base the system is mounted to the original seat mounting points, Front airbags, seat occupancy and seat belt warning systems are retained but any seat mounted airbags are removed.



Rotating Seats