Restraint Systems (commonly refered to as a 4 point tiedown) offer superb security and assurance when transporting a wheelchair user who travels in their chair. CE approved webbing straps are attached to the vehicle floor via quick release fittings and the straps are attached to the wheelchair frame. Electronic front belts are available as an option for ease of fitting and security for the assistant pushing the wheelchair into the vehicle(wheelchair cannot roll backwards if the assistant slips) normally a seat belt unit for the occupant to use is attached to the quick release floor fittings .   **** please note;   THESE RESTRAINTS ARE ONLY SUITABLE FOR LARGER TALL VEHICLES i.e. WHEELCHAIR ACCESS VEHICLES, DRIVE FROM CHAIR VEHICLES, LARGE MPV'S AND VANS


4 point webbing restraint system with ratcheting or clam lock tensioning on rear belts. front belts are static fixed or electric ratchet types. attachment to chair via carabina or tongue and buckle fixing. floor attachment can vary, some typical types are floor rail fixing, solo floor anchor and slide and click anchor. restraint adjustable to fit almost all  chair types up to approx 110kg. restraint fully crash tested to all EU and ISO dynamic standards. twin inertia occupant restraint provided and attached to floor anchor fitting.



Wheelchair and Occupant Restrain Systems