Roof boxes are constructed with a steel frame and glass fibre housing attached to the vehicle via roof bars. 12v motors open and deploy the stowing system which is controlled by a wired handset stowed in a convenient position required by the user. Roof boxes can be finished in matching vehicle colour at extra cost if required.      Please Note;     1) THESE ROOF BOXES ARE ONLY SUITABLE FOR MANUAL FOLDING CHAIRS     2) THE ROOF LOAD WEIGHT LIMIT FOR THE VEHICLE MUST BE OBSERVED AND NOT BE EXCEEDED     3) NORMALLY THESE BOXES HAVE A LIFTING CAPACITY OF APPROX 30KG      4) YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO USE MOST MULTI-STORY CAR PARKS DUE TO THE INCREASED VEHICLE HEIGHT    5) AUTOADAPT ROOFSPIDER IS ONLY SUITABLE FOR LARGER VEHICLES AND ESTATES

Steel frame and load mechanism with split GRP housing with rubber weather seals. load mechanism driven by electric motor and chain drive with rope or webbing lifting sling attachment provided by carabina fitting and lift claw. User control by wired 4 way keypad with cradle stowage. Overload protection provided by self resetting circuit breaker. Roof attachment utilises standard vehicle roof bar systems.

Wheelchair Roofboxes